About Us

Bakhache Vintage is an extension of a collector’s genuine appreciation for the fine craftsmanship of Christofle. Founded by Antoine Bakhache, who is a purveyor of luxury through the eponymous Bakhache Group, Christofle has long been a part of Antoine’s family tradition.

He received his first Christofle tableware as a wedding gift from his mother, who had decades earlier received a set of Christofle tableware as her wedding gift. These silverwares have graced the Bakhache dinner table for generations and become family heirlooms, deepening Antoine’s appreciation for these fine silver pieces

Over the years, he has procured numerous vintage Christofle sets that are rare and distinct, eventually accumulating a museum-worthy collection. This led to the founding of Bakhache Vintage, which showcases these extraordinary pieces at online and physical galleries and help some of these pieces find their next place in their destined provenance.

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